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“ I really enjoyed the session with you.Thank you for your help Monica. You created rapport easily, I felt understood, safe and comfortable with you. Your seemed at ease.

I felt you were happy to do the session and really enjoyed you were taking your time to understand what was going on beneath.
You intuitively saw beneath the issue and reframed it appropriately
Your pace was smooth and your choice of words were accurate

I listen to the transformation every day and can see the changes happening. Thank you very much for your kindness and professionalism

Wish you the best in yr new career!”
Ingird P, Mauritius

"I appreciated that Monica was very professional in her approach. Her gentle comforting nature made it easy for me to open up and release my feelings. The session was enlightening but most significantly I felt a huge weight lifting of my shoulders. I felt peace. I left with a renewed energy and a brighter outlook on life. She made a difference in my life and I would highly recommend her."

Rashika G, KZN
South Africa

I came to Monica to address my Money and Success blocks. I absolutely loved the session. Monica made me feel so welcomed and relaxed. Things I discovered and healed in therapy have had massive impact in my life. I understood how I decided as a small kid not to spend money on me (so I can save my family), and when I did want something, I felt so guilty and bad. As a grown up I felt sometimes guilty even when buying food. It was painful for me as a kid to deny myself things that I secretly wanted, so I made a belief that I better not earn much, so it won't be so painful. We healed these beliefs in therapy and I got a recording I listened for 21 days. I absolutely have changed, I have new supporting beliefs. I have started my own business, everything flows with it. I now believe I deserve success and money, I am worth it and I do not feel any guilt anymore going to shopping and buying things for me. I definitley recommend Monica!

Merlin Vask from Estonia